In our last post: How to get the best fitted wardrobes part 1 we looked at the lowest price range that the fitted wardrobes market has to offer and found two great ranges the PAX range by Ikea and the Bella Fitted Wardrobes from bedroom world. For the price there really cannot be any complaints but in this second part, we will be looking at the mid-range of fitted wardrobes.

The best two mid-range fitted wardrobes

Ok so without further delay we will look at our first fitted wardrobes system at the mid-range price. There are as you can imagine a lot of mid range products out there as fitted wardrobes are in their nature not the cheapest solution for your bedroom but the first system we have found and loved is the Consort Palermo 5 door wardrobe system.

The price tag on this system is unbelievable for the quality you get, it sits in nicely in the mid-range but could easily be £200-£300 more expensive and be worth the price. The modern design this fitted wardrobe has along with build quality is of the highest standard, it features two separate full door wardrobes with two different rails, a mini four drawer chest of drawers and space for either a mirror or separate storage in the middle. To the bottom, it has a lovely wooden section which gives the whole unit a great modern two-tone effect.

This all comes for the unbelievable price of £499!

If your looking for higher end look and quality fitted wardrobes without the high-end price tag, then look no further!

The second mid-range fitted wardrobe system we recommend is the Bobby Fit wardrobes from DIY World. This unit again offers a very stylish modern look to your bedroom and looks fantastic!

The fitted wardrobe features a built-in light and mirror in the centre, two upstanding hanger wardrobes, and a four drawer chest of drawers. It is made from high-quality materials and is an absolute bargain for the price.

This unit has not been marked as second in the mid range second as to be honest both of these systems are just as good as each other, and so the only difference is the appearance that you would like and what fits in with the design plans you have or already have in your bedroom.

The price for this fitted wardrobe is an incredible £489.99! And is on offer from an RRP of £587.99 so make sure you get this while the price is this low!