Fitted wardrobes are hugely desirable and of course, with desire comes high prices. The other problem when dealing with fitted wardrobes is, of course, the fact that they are fitted. If you are no expert at joinery or do it yourself, then this can cause all sorts of headaches on top.

So there are two decisions to make from the start if you choose to go down the fitted wardrobes route:

How much do you want to pay for your fitted wardrobe? How are you going to get the fitted wardrobes fitted?

The final question is why do you want to use fitted wardrobes anyway? Will standalone wardrobes not do it? There are all sorts of great deals on pine and oak furniture, and the beauty of buying these sets is that there are always deals and you can buy a bit at a time if money is an issue. We will talk about this in another article.

So to answer the first question we will in this article look at the budget range of fitted wardrobes to help you, we will continue to help you look for fitting options in the next article.

The Pax Range

One of the best deals we have found in fitted wardrobes is the Pax range by Ikea. This range is of a great modern selection in finishes, are of a decent finish and build and of course are in great price!

Fitted Wardrobes Pax

The above Wardrobe with interior fittings, white, Vikedal mirror glass is only £349!
The Pax range is great, and many reviews have been given to us to tell us how after 2-3 years of use they still look brand new. So it is given our approval, price wise you can’t go wrong!

Bedroom Furniture Range

Next up in our fitted wardrobes selections is from bedroom furniture range, they again offer amazing prices for fitted wardrobes and our reviews have found them to be great quality too.

Our pick of the range has been the Bella Fitted Wardrobe. Supplied fully assembled, the Bella Fitted Wardrobe is fitted with top shelf and hanging rail, available in a beech, white, oak or walnut finish, and will perfectly complement any bedroom.