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The benefits of having a three door wardrobe

The closet is a piece of furniture that dominates with its dimensions, and a lot can be visually solved in a given space by appropriate choice of wardrobe. It is important to emphasise that the height, width, depth, colour and surface quality, have equal importance; in fact, it is known that each space has some …


Fabric Wardrobe

Is the fabric wardrobe any good? The cheapest and by design simplest are certainly fabric wardrobes with wooden structures. Lightweight and mobile, they have the option of adding and changing the position of shelves and so-called “pockets” and are extremely practical and can find a place in every corner of the apartment. A canvas wardrobe …

Fitted Wardrobes

How to get the best fitted wardrobes part 2

In our last post: How to get the best fitted wardrobes part 1 we looked at the lowest price range that the fitted wardrobes market has to offer and found two great ranges the PAX range by Ikea and the Bella Fitted Wardrobes from bedroom world. For the price there really cannot be any complaints …

Fitted Wardrobes

How to get the best fitted wardrobes part 1

Fitted wardrobes are hugely desirable and of course, with desire comes high prices. The other problem when dealing with fitted wardrobes is, of course, the fact that they are fitted. If you are no expert at joinery or do it yourself, then this can cause all sorts of headaches on top. So there are two …

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes Which are The Best?

Fitted wardrobes have had a lot of different popularities over the last few decades. Many years ago the home would consist of separate units compiled within the bedroom and the idea of fitted wardrobes was not known. Over the years however fitted wardrobes have become a very popular way in which to create the look …

Fitted Wardrobes

Why fitted wardrobes?

There seems to be a certain popularity about fitted wardrobes particularly in the United Kingdom. From what I’ve read around, it seems to have something to do with sourcing the wood to construct the wardrobes. I wanted to further investigate into the fascination behind choosing a fitted wardrobe to furnish a person’s bedroom, so I …

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