There seems to be a certain popularity about fitted wardrobes particularly in the United Kingdom. From what I’ve read around, it seems to have something to do with sourcing the wood to construct the wardrobes. I wanted to further investigate into the fascination behind choosing a fitted wardrobe to furnish a person’s bedroom, so I did so and present to you my findings. In this post I’m going discuss the three main drivers behind having one of these installed – storage, organization and physical appeal. Probably by the time you finish reading this, you will have a greater appreciation of why people would spend money on fitted bedroom wardrobes.

From a practical point of view, the purpose of a fitted wardrobe is to store your clothes. Well, this is true for other furniture like closets, drawers and shelves. How did they come about? In the past, homes were not traditionally built with significant storage spaces for clothing. The trend of walk-in closets had not arrived. Fitted wardrobes tend to be large and particularly deep providing ample room for someone to keep a lot of clothing items in them. Hence, people got these installed.

Additionally, most of the time, people got their fitted wardrobe custom built such that they can organize their different pieces of clothing articles in the way they want. They would augment their wardrobes with a variety storage option configurations such as the hanging space, drawers and shelving. So a fitted wardrobe not only represented space, but also a form of organization tool. It offered convenience for the user to easily and quickly access the clothing they want at the time.

Generally being large, fitted wardrobes are more suitable for correspondingly big bedrooms. Assuming this is true, the fitted wardrobe can make the bedroom look that much more impressive on the eyes. A bedroom that was once large and empty, void of any aesthetic appeal, can be improved from the presence of a nice looking fitted wardrobe. Since it does get attached to the bedroom and is not free-standing, if you intend to live in the house for a long time, it wouldn’t hurt to consider this type of wardrobe. Even if you do eventually decide to sell the house and move elsewhere, a fitted wardrobe is likely to add more value to your home in the eyes of the potential buyer.

So there you have it. The above only scratches the surface on what fitted wardrobes can offer you. You should do more research if you’re thinking of buying one for your home since it is a large sum investment.